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Seemingly at random, my whole screen goes blank while playing.  I can reveal bits and pieces of it by moving the mouse around, and scrolling the view, but it's still annoying.  I have the 1.2 (unofficial) and 1.3.2 (unofficial) patches, and I'm on Windows XP.

Отправлено: 22:36 - 23 Июля, 2007

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Well known problem. This happens due to bogus DirectX backward compatibility.

Known soultions:
* Run the game on the system with DirectX 7 or earlier installed. Impossible without stepback from XP/NT to 9x.
* Run the game in the emulated environment: VMware Virtual Workstation, Microsoft Virtual PC and such.
* Run the game in the windowed mode via D3DWindower or similar wrapper. Uncomfortable due to the relatively small window size for the large screens and choppy game behavior on the Low-End systems.

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