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The Discussion Rules of TeamX Forum
(fifth edition)

This forum is dedicated to discussion of technical problems, existing mods and ideas about modification/creation of Fallout universe games, and related projects.

1. About forum Rules
1.1. Users that uninformed about the Rules are not free from responsibility.
1.2. Present Rules are obligatory for following by users and moderators alike.
1.3. Public discussion or evaluating the Rules of any kind is restricted.
1.4. The forum administration has no duty to inform users about any changes in the Rules as they are always available for reading in this topic.

2. Private information
2.1. The responsibility for leaving any private information lies entirely on the user.
2.2. The administration does not take responsibility for any damage can be done to the user due to his revealing his login and password to the third person.
2.3. During registration it is categorically restricted to use unprintable words (parts of words) and expressions as a username or in any of the private information fields. In case of braking this paragraph of the Rules by the user the administration becomes rightful in deleting or editing (full or partial) the user`s profile.

3. Posting replies
3.1. Users are not permitted to post replies containing non-uniform lexics, slander or insultings addressed to other users and/or administators and moderators, any kind of humiliating other users` dignity words and also any kind of information braking the Russian Federation legislation and/or moral standards.
3.2. Users are prohibited to publish private information about other user without his consent. It is also forbidden to publish third person`s information and wittingly false information.
3.3. Users are forbidden to leave messages of advertising kind, links to other resources being published in terms of advertisment and suggestions to buy/sell any goods either.
3.4. Users are categorically forbidden to discuss searching of pirate software (warez), to publish any links that provide getting such software, and to do similar actions.
3.5. Users are not allowed to leave same messages in different sections of the forum or in different topics of one section.
3.6. Flame, flood and offtopic are not allowed in the forum either. Flame is a debate of two or more users that is growing into an abuse. Flood is a message without any meaning. Offtopic is a message that is not related to the thematics of the forum/section/topic.
3.7. Users are not recommended to raise old topics if they cannot add any useful information to them.
3.8. It is not recommended to leave messages with low text grammar. Users who handle English badly are recommended to use text processors with spell checking.

4. Creating new topics
4.1. Users are not allowed to create duplicates of closed topics.
4.2. Users are forbidden to write topic names entirely with capital letters or use capital letters and non-standard fonts in messages groundlessly.
4.3. Users are not recommended insistantly to create topics with non-informative headers like "Help!", "Go  inside", "Cool suggestion" etc.
4.4. Users are not recommended to duplicate topics. Remember that the forum has a search option.
4.5. It is persisted not to create trite questioning topics like "What do you like ... for", "What is your favorite ..." etc.

5. Penalty sanctions
5.1. Penalty sanctions are graded as the folowing: warning, banning or awarding with insulting status (undernickname).
5.2. Primary penalty for braking any of the Rules is warning, being given by a moderator or by an administrator by private in-forum messaging service. If the user ignores the warning, further sanctions can be applied to him.
5.3. Penalty measures for multiple or intentional braking the Rules are determined by a moderator.
5.4. In case of user considers the punishment injust he can refer to the moderator or administrator of the forum.
5.5. Actions of moderators and administrators are not discussed in any form in any section of the forum.

Addition from 28.09.2004

The forum has an option of retrieving the password so all duplicates of sclerothic users will be deleted. Use the advantages of progress, comrades.

Addition from 23.01.2005

Advertising of on-line games is restricted in the forum. Topics with such advertisment will be deleted. Immediately. Without any questions.

Addition from 24.01.2005

Some formulations changed a little.

Addition from 9.12.2005

Since now all the "dead souls" will be deleted on sight. First of all, users that register, but do not post replies are counted as "dead". The "lifespan" for these users equals to one year for now, but it will probably be reduced later.

Addition from 4.03.2006

Creating clones
Clone is a second (third, fourth etc.) account of a user.
Creating clones at this forum is strictly forbidden. In case of uncovering a rule violator his clones will be dropped, and the main account will suffer a permanent ban. Temporary blocked for the Rules violation users are not allowed to create and use clones instead of their primary account. In case of uncovering such infractor his clones will be dropped, and his primary account will suffer a permanent ban.

Note: This addition to the Rules has no backwards power.

Wasteland Ghost, TeamX
English version - $py

Хочешь, чтобы что-то было сделано хорошо - сделай сам.

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