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Prior to using the TeamX patch I would encounter Mantis' quite often between Vaults 13 and 15. Now that I am using the patch I don't seem to encounter them at all, and this is after several hours of trying to find them. Users over at NMA have reported similiar findings. The Mantis' are important because when killed they give +1 to your Karma and you need 6 Karma  to get Tandi to put both The Hub and Junktown on your map as well giving you information regarding The Deathclaw. Without being able to encounter the Mantis' the most Karma you can get at that point is 5. This problem does not occur without the patch.

-Ryan P. Fialcowitz

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As I answered already in the corresponding topic at NMA:

I've looked into the script. And it looks this way. There is only one opportunity to encounter mantis in the topmost desert area of the game world. It's so called 'Dead traveler' encounter. It could appear only in the approx one square radius around Shady Sands. And the chance is only 16,67%. It's already doesn't look like 'quite often'. Moreover. The 'Dead traveler' in fact is not just a generic dead body but Lance, which was reenabled by Avega (Mynah). So you never get the dead Lance encounter until he actually dies. And at the moment, when player usually roams between V13, SS and V15, Lance is apparently alive. So no manti could be encountered at the early stage of the game.
You can just delete the file rnddesrt.int to revert to the old behavior. But this could trigger back party member multiplication bug and something about Tandi (I don't remember what exactly).
I'm adding this one to the list of questionable features. But I won't guarantee that anything will be actually changed.

/// What'ya be sain'? Vault 100+? We need nothing o'that!

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